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I want to thank Jennifer for all of her support over the last 2 months. My back is feeling much better today after the treatment last night. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely great at Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I will definitely be sharing my positive experience with my colleagues, friends and family.

Jennifer is the best acupuncturist that I have found and the treatments have really helped my nerve pain. I love that she uses cupping as well.
Jen is also a wonderful person, thoughtful, thorough and caring.

Jennifer has been great. I was unsure about acupuncture when I began treatment with her but I have really been amazed with the results. I was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago and had since lost the feeling in my feet. After a few sessions I began getting feeling back. After about 8 sessions I could feel all my toes again. I never thought acupuncture would work this well but Jennifer is wonderful and I am thrilled to feel my toes again.

Every experience I have with Jennifer is wonderful. She is extremely thorough, professional, and intelligent. I have been seeing her now for about a year and she continually amazes me with the depth of her knowledge and her continuing education. I have had great results seeing her for various ailments, most recently a sore neck/back where I was unable to turn my head. After her treatment I was able to get right back to work as an RN for my 12 hour shift. Thank you Jennifer!

I've had acupuncture done before in different cities, always for chronic aches and pain or generalized areas to work on. The first time I went to see Jen I came in with a severe knee injury that left me with a 90% MCL tear, an ACL tear and a nearly broken leg. I was 3 months post injury and I had virtually no extension in my leg and was in severe pain and unable to walk without a very noticeable limp. Jen didn't jump in to treating my knee right away she asked me about my previous sports, how my digestion had been and how I had been coping with the stress of the injury.When we started the treatment I instantly felt an energy that was so strong running through my leg it was hard to describe. I was also overcome by an emotional wave that made me realize how difficult the injury had been making my life, regardless of trying to smile through it daily. It not only helped with my extension that day and pain, it lifted a weight off of me emotionally and de-stressed me immensely. I've never experienced such an intense session and can't recommend her enough. She is passionate about what she does and has a healing energy about her. Thank you so much Jen, you've helped me more than I can tell you!

Jenn is fantastic and clearly passionate about what she does. I've seen her several times for lower back pain and each time I've walked away feeling better than before. If you're not sure about Acupuncture, all I can say is try it -- you might be surprised how helpful it is for back pain.