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Neuroacupuncture is a contemporary acupuncture technique, founded by neurosurgeon Dr. Jiao Shun-fa. It is unique in the way that it integrates traditional acupuncture techniques with modern understanding of neuroanatomy and physiology. Instead of using traditional acupuncture meridian points, neuroacupuncture utilizes zones on the head that correspond to the individual functions of each part of the brain such as motor activity, sensory input, vision, speech, hearing, and balance. By stimulating various regions of the brain, neuroacupuncture has proven to be an effective approach in regulating the nervous system. 

What to Expect

Together, we will go over your health history and current concerns. After deciding on the best course of treatment, I will use traditional acupuncture points found on the body, along with neuroacupuncture points found on the head, to stimulate your body's nervous system and regulate dysfunction. The points will be left in place for approximately 30 minutes, during this time people find they are able to relax very deeply and sometimes even take a nap. For some conditions, results are seen quite quickly, in only a few minutes. Other conditions take longer to respond and may need 6-8 sessions before results are seen. 

Conditions Treated

Multiple Sclerosis
Traumatic Brain Injury
Bell's Palsey
Parkinson's Disease
Essential Tremor

*neuroacupuncture has the potential to provide positive results with all neurological conditions and I welcome any inquiries about conditions not listed here


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